Active Directory Hacking with Kali: THM Roasted


For my fourth machine in the Active Directory hacking with Kali series, I’ll be pwning roasted from tryhackme. Roasted is an easy active directory machine that teaches the basics of active directory enumeration and ASREPROASTING attacks.


Start by running an Nmap scan

P.S Use the -Pn switch to suppress pings

From the Nmap scan above we can gather the following:

  1. Port 53 indicates that DNS is running on this machine
  2. Port 88 is running the Kerberos authentication service
  3. Ports 389 & 3628 have LDAP running
  4. The host scripts reveal that SMBv2 is running on port 445
  5. The host is a Domain Controller
  6. LDAP provides us with the domain name vulnnet-rst.local


Enumerate SMB with SMBMAP

smbmap -H vulnnet-rst.local -u guest -p ""

Enumerate domain users with crackmapexec by brute-forcing rids

crackmapexec smb vulnnet-rst.local -u "guest" -p '' --rid-brute

Save discovered users into a file userslist.txt


Using the information gathered so far we can attempt to exploit ASREPROASTABLE (Non-Preauthenticated) users

Run from impacket against our list of gathered users

python3 vulnnet-rst.local/ -usersfile userslist.txt -dc-ip

We are able to obtain t-skid’s hash from the AS-reply

Save the hash into a file and crack with john

sudo john hash.txt --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt

We have read access to Netlogon share

Interesting script in the NETLOGON share… Download and Open

Hmnnn hardcoded password in the script

Lets try it with crackmap exec on smb & winrm…


Login with evil-winrm

We’re in…

We enumerate again with SMBMAP for Privesc

We have Read & Write Access to the $ADMIN share, let’s dump secrets with impacket

Login and profit with admin hash

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