Active Directory Hacking with Kali: Attackative Directory


For my fifth machine in the Active Directory hacking with Kali series, I’ll be pwning attackative directory from tryhackme. Attackative directory is an easy active directory machine that teaches the basics of active directory enumeration and ASREPROASTING attacks.


Initial Nmap scan

Detailed Nmap Scan

SMB Enumeration

Crackmapexec RID brute

Found some domain users

Save users into a text file

Try ASREPROAST on discovered users

We discover the user svc-admin is Asreproasteble and save the obtained hash into a file to be cracked


SVC-Admin’s password cracked with john

Let’s spray this password with crackmapexec, we have access to SMB

Enumerate share access with SMB Map

We have access to three shares, backups is a non-default share so lets check it out first

Interesting a credentials file… download locally and open

decode the base64 text

Try evil-winrm with back creds …

No luck..

Try dumping secrets with

We get admin hash!

Use evil-winrm to pass the hash and profit

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